Develop An Outline To Address A Current Criminal Justice Issue


Develop an outline of the goals and objectives of the program or policy. Next, be sure to include an outline of how the program or policy will be implemented. Be sure to address the following:

  1. Identify the target population.
  2. Outline the procedures to implement the program/policy.
  3. Determine the tasks that must be accomplished.
  4. Indicate the type of staff that must be hired.
  5. Explain how the program/policy will be monitored.

Length:  4-6 pages

References:  Include three to five scholarly resources.

additional information:


Once you have outlined the problem, it is important to identify the goals and objectives in designing a program or policy. The goal is what you hope to achieve by instituting this program or policy. Remember, you are trying to address an issue that you want to make better, so it is important that you clearly outline your objectives.

For example, for the last few weeks there have been numerous articles in the newspaper that have discussed the vandalism that is taking place in your community. Each morning, numerous store owners are waking up to find graffiti, broken windows, etc. in the downtown area. The article mentions that a number of teens have been arrested for the vandalism, but it is still continuing to happen each night. Your goal in this scenario is to design a program that will reduce the amount of time that juveniles are unmonitored. You may also have the goal to increase security and lighting in the areas that have been affected.

It is also important that your goals are realistic. For the scenario that is outlined above, instituting 24-hour police presence would probably not be an option. If you are uncertain about what would be realistic to address the problem, criminal justice literature is a useful source. There are a tremendous number of articles that highlight useful techniques to addressing crime, criminal behavior, delinquency, etc. Also, as previously discussed, there are many criminal justice theoretical frameworks that focus on criminal behavior and situational crime prevention.  Before designing a program or policy, it is essential that you clearly identify your goals and objectives for implementing the program or policy.