Developing A Strong Resume And Cover Letter

The purpose of this assignment is to present yourself professionally for employment in the field of special education through the development of a resume and cover letter. A cover letter serves as the specific introduction to a resume for each separate recipient, while the resume contains consistent, professional information regarding your professional background, education, and experience, no matter the recipient. A resume should be updated often as information changes or is added.


Using these sources as a guide:

  • Create your own cover letter.
  • Create your current resume.

You will not need a title page for this assignment, as your one-page cover letter will function as your title page.

The Developing a Strong Resume and Cover Letter

  • Must be one page in length (not including cover letter and references page)  It must include the following:
    • Personal information
    • Career title and objective
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Community involvement
    • Skills
  • In the place of a separate title page, this assignment requires a professional cover letter with the following:
    • List your contact information
    • List the information for the employer you are contacting
    • Address a person by name whenever possible
    • Tell them why you are writing and demonstrate some knowledge of their company
    • Using your three skills and examples, tell them why you are qualified for the position
    • Thank them for their time and tell them what you want to happen next
  • Consider using additional scholarly sources in addition to citing the two required provided sources (must cite Career Services at the University of Arizona Global Campus sources).