Diagnostic Essay Writing

MBAF501 – Diagnostic Essay Assignment Guide

This essay tabs into your ability to describe what you think about the importance of a personal code of ethics in business.

You will write a 500-word essay with at least five paragraphs, including introduction, body paragraphs, and summary, in which you explain how developing a personal code of ethics can help new employees avoid being victims of the corporate “half-truths.”

The Basic Essay Structure:

The term “essay” is used to refer to a wide range of written work. Usually, it means a piece of writing that has several paragraphs and has one focus or idea.

The introductory paragraph should be brief, and its role is to motivate your reader to read further, provide a context for the essay, and clarify the purpose and scope of your essay. The critical part of the introduction is the thesis statement, and it typically expresses a point of view about a topic.

The body of an essay comprises several sections (in a short essay, a section is the same as a paragraph). The specific point to be developed is stated in a topic sentence, usually at the beginning of each paragraph. After the topic sentence, you often need to provide several supporting points for the statement made. For objectivity, you may include consideration of a counterargument and offer a refutation for it. A counterargument might be included in the essay, either as a separate paragraph or wherever you find suitable.

The concluding paragraph generally includes a restatement of the thesis statement and a final comment on the topic.

Important to know:

Your essay will be evaluated using the written assignment rubric as well as the instructor evaluation form provided.

This assignment counts as one of the ongoing activities and affects your Participation Mark.

The diagnostic essay needs to be submitted via the MyUCW portal no later than April 18.