Diagnostic Questions

SOC 490 – Senior Seminar Name_________________________

Dr. Delaney

Summer 2021

Assignment #1: Diagnostic Examination (50 points); Due Date: July 28, by 5:00pm

This exam is designed to measure whether or not you possess the knowledge necessary to complete your sociology degree. This test is meant to measure things you should have already learned as a sociology major. Use additional space to answer these questions if necessary.

A. Social Theory

1. Name the theorist who described ideal types as measuring rods.

2. Name the sociologist who coined the term sociology.

3. Name the theorist who used the term social facts as social structures and cultural norms and values that are external to, and coercive of, actors.

4. Name the theorist who coined the term survival of the fittest.

5. Name the theorist who argued that “the self” developed through four stages (imitation, play, game and generalized other).

6. Name the theorist that argued all of history is an example of class conflict.

7. Briefly describe functionalism (be sure to identify the two basic assumptions).

8. Briefly describe conflict theory.

9. Briefly describe Symbolic Interactionism.

10. Briefly describe social exchange theory.

B. Research Methodology

1. Explain qualitative research.

2. Explain quantitative research.

3. Name three types of survey research.

4. What is content analysis?

5. Briefly explain the “classic” experimental design.

6. What is meant by “ideal research?” (Hint: This involves the related issues of reliability and validity.)

7. What does sociology do to ensure ethical behavior in social research?

8. Name and briefly describe the research methodological approach that is best associated with ethnomethodology.

C. Social Problems

1. Define the term social problem.

2. What is meant by the “subjective” nature of social problems?

3. What is meant by the “objective” nature of social problems?

4. How do functionalists view social problems?

5. How do conflict theorists view social problems?

6. How do Symbolic Interactionists view social problems?

7. How do feminists view social problems?