Digital Assignment 3: The U.S. as an Emerging Power

Digital Assignment 3: The U.S. as an Emerging Power

Part 1: It has been argued that the United States became an Empire as soon as it decided to enter global politics at the beginning of the 20th century. For each box below, please indicate which actions/decisions taken/made by the United States contributed to the nation’s empire-building process.

The War of 1898
Open Door Policy in Asia
Teddy Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” Policy
Building of the Panama Canal
Entrance into World War I

Part 2: World War I, and the United States’ involvement, was a wake-up call for many around the world. For each of the following three sectors, please list the ways by which that population or group was affected by the mobilization of Americans. Be specific. Include a picture for each one.

Women African Americans Mexican-Americans

Part 3: At the Treaty of Versailles (1918) marking the end of World War I, the United States (under Woodrow Wilson) proposed the establishment of a League of Nation which ultimately failed. Part of the Treaty also include Wilson’s 14 Points. In a letter (of between 500 and 1,000 words) to President Wilson, please indicate your support or opposition to his 14 points and the League of Nations on political or historical grounds. This part of the assignment will require you to think out of the box and to fully understand Wilson’s ideology.

Dear Mr. President,