Digital Marketing Project 4


For this week’s project, you will be given a marketing budget and decide how to divide it across a marketing mix of multiple outlets and channels to reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

What You’ll Need

•       Your TechKit including laptop

•       Internet for research

•       At least 3 credible sources (Wikipedia does not count) Project 4 Pricing Data Sheet (available in this week’s downloads


  • In this assignment you will select a fictitious theatrical film release, define your marketing objectives, and develop a marketing mix based on your available budget and targeted consumers.
  • Assume that you have a total budget of $20,000,000 to market your film. Use the advertising metrics provided in the Project 4 Pricing Data Sheet download below to assist you in deciding which mix of media outlets you will buy to reach your target market.
  • Project4PricingDataSheet_49997933-2a5f-4f5c-9bd6-8be377cbf1b8.pdf71 KB
  • You must use a combination of both traditional media/ channels and digital media/channels in your marketing mix. Digital channels may include mobile, SEO, social, pay-per-click (PPC), blogs, email, and display ads.
  • Your budget must be divided across at least three media outlets.


Create marketing objectives and a thoughtful marketing mix plan for a fictional film of your choosing. Be sure your presentation addresses each of the following elements:

1. Select one of the four fictitious theatrical film releases listed below (identified by genre).

  • Mr, Superhero (action)
  • Jane & Jack in Love (romantic comedy)
  • The Jaded Juror (drama)
  • Cuddly, Cute, and Housebroken (animated)

2. Describe your fictitious film in a few sentences and describe the target market in detail. Remember to include target group details such as demographic, geographic, psychographic, benefits sought, and patterns of use.

Answer the following:

  • Who do you think is buying tickets to this type of film currently? Provide target group details based on research from industry resources such as VarietyMPAAHollywood Reporter, and Box Office Mojo. Cite your resources.
  • Describe the intended target for your film with specific details, for example: Women 25-54, suburbs, currently in relationships, seeking healthy romantic fantasy, date night or girls night out entertainment event, etc.

3. What do you think the objectives of the marketing campaign for this film are? Your answer can incorporate brand awareness, consumer reach, engagement, and sales. Please present your objective as a SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound).

4. Describe how you will reach your target audience with your customized marketing mix plan. Explain, in detail, how you will allocate funds from your budget to reach this target. (Divide your entire budget into this marketing mix plan.) Your plan must include the following:

  • Description of the traditional and digital media outlets/channels you will buy
  • Description of how much you will spend on each outlet/channel
  • Description of why you selected each outlet/ channel
  • Description of the intended duration of the campaign (For example, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months? etc.)
  • Description of the number of consumers you will reach
  • Explanation of the desired outcome you expect to achieve after this marketing mix is deployed and completed

5. Deliver your marketing mix and budget as 3-5 page Word document, or 3-5 minute Keynote or PowerPoint presentation.

Cite resources using both in-text citations, and a separate reference page. Incorporate the concepts and terminology learned from this week’s readings into the paper, demonstrating how the marketing mix you chose reflect the concepts learned about in this week’s reading and viewing assignments.


1.     Save your audio Keynote or PowerPoint Presentation as a QuickTime Video.

2.     Save your Word document as a PDF document that contains all parts of the assignment.

3.     Name your video or your PDF as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_MIX Upload your file to LAO and submit.