Digital Transformation

Note: The purpose of this assignment is for you to research and understand the multiple issues/challenges companies and CIOs face when considering/implementing Digital Transformations. This will help you better understand today’s class and help you to actively participate in class discussions.

As a bonus – You will be using the learnings from these article to inform your Case Analysis.

Please find articles that list the multiple challenges/issues facing Enterprise CIOs and companies when considering/implementing Digital Transformations. Most of the time this type of article is published at the beginning of every year. Avoid blogs. Articles must be current in the year of 2020

Please follow this format with the item headers in bold.

Page 1:

Name: Section Number: In the News Topic: (as noted above) Article Title: Source: (Proper citation)

[3 Line Spaces]

Executive Summary: (A short paragraph, 5-6 sentences)

[2 Line Spaces]

Why Important to a CIO: (A short paragraph)

Page 2:

Attach the first page of the article (Soft copy must be submitted as one file)