Discrimination Based On Gender

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Based on research of current social change campaigns that address your chosen global social problem, create your own social change campaign plan. Your assignment should include the following components:

A summary of the global sociological problem based on your research this semester.
Draw a sociological conclusion from the compilation of current global events collected within your global sociological problem, including the intersection of class, gender, ethnicity, and access to resources.
Identify the current social change campaigns related to your global sociological problem and describe a gap (implementation, targeted demographics – age, gender, ethnicity, etc.) that exists.
Devise a plan for your social change campaign based on the gap found. Include the demonstrated presence of the 7 C’s values of the Social Change Model in your plan: Change objective, citizenship, common purpose, collaboration, and controversy with civility, consciousness of self, congruence, and commitment.
Respond with reflection to the following questions: What does it mean to you to become a social change agent? How does this align with your chosen career in social work?
Include a minimum of four appropriate and relevant academic sources to support your responses. Your completed assignment should be 1,250-1,500 words.

The Module 8 assignment is worth 230 points.

Put the assignment into the form of a paper.

Use the rubric items on the scoresheet as subheadings so that everything is covered.

Use the global sociological problem you chose for the term.

Remember to offer a FULL campaign that addresses the 7 C’s as that section involves the most points.

Be sure you have FOUR solid academic sources—not newspapers, opinion or politically-driven websites. You want research from recognized sources—books, journals, government, and other reputable public research sources.