Required Reading (please google):

1. TRADOC Pam 525-8-2, The Army Learning Concept for Training and Education for 2020-2040_2017: Read chapters 2 & 3 (22 pages)

2. The Seasoned Executive’s Decision-Making Style

3. TRADOC Regulation 25-36, May 2014:  Read pages 16-25 (10 pages)

4. ADP 1-01, Doctrine Primer_2019:  Read pages. 1-1 thru 1-5 (5 pages)

Discussion Topic: Explain the SGMs role within their unit’s training management (UTM) and leader development processes in accordance with the assigned readings above. Please also use other military related sources for this assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Write a minimum of 400 words, with at least 2 cited sources to the topic above. The assignment must have at least one in-text citation. Identify references following the post using APA, 6th Edition format.