Case Study Discussion Board Forum Instructions

Students will take part in 4 Discussion Board Forums in which you will conduct a case study of an observed study in a public administration context. The analysis will be based upon the concepts you learned and discussed in the previous module’s essay assignment, writing 750-800 words in the initial thread. For the case study, students are welcome to cite a scholarly source, but if they do, it must not be merely a theoretical/philosophical discussion. Instead, whatever source is used for the actual case study must focus on a real-world public administration situation that is being discussed and analyzed in the chosen article. Students will in turn apply concepts discussed in the previous module/week’s essay to analyze the situation, in addition to the required reading and presentations from the current module/week. Remember: it will be important to do both!


· 750-800 words

· Ideas and citations from all the required reading and presentations from the Module/Week

· Ideas and citations from two scholarly sources

· Case study of a real public administration situation related to the concepts discussed in the prior week.

In this course, Discussion Board Forums play an exceptionally important role. Consider these threads to be formal communications on the same level as those you would conduct with employers, clients, or colleagues in the professional, political, or academic world. As such, they must be free of grammatical errors, must be properly formatted in current APA style, and must consist of well-reasoned, contemplative, and substantive posts and replies, rather than mere ipse dixit. These threads must be adequately supported by citations of the sources or support for your ideas as well as any quoted materials.

Open, courteous discussion will yield the greatest opportunities for growth in this class. Remember that the art of communication is in many ways the lifeblood of effective political leadership. Everything you write—every paper, post, and email—creates or reinforces an impression of you. Begin to cultivate the communication skills of the statesman and stateswoman—the ability to logically and persuasively speak the truth with compassion and respect.