Sustainability Discussion 2

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  1. Watch the “Hombres de Maíz : Mesoamerican Permaculture: Chinampas 2.0 Fundraising edition” video (Links to an external site.).
  2. Post a reflective discussion based on the following questions:  What is the “Nahua” name for Mexico City?, How many people inhabited Mexico City?, Why did the narratoror rate Mexico City as a 10 in comparison to other cities?, What made Mexico City the most impressive hydrologically engineered and most trascendental architectural achievements in history?  What is a Chinampa?, What does it mean?, How many harvests per year do Chinampas produce?, What does Antonio have to say in regards to choosing Chinampas? Does he think Chinampas choose you or do you get to choose the Chinampa you will harvest in?, What is an “ahuejote”, what is an “ajolote”?, What is sustainability and what can sustainability teach you?, What would you add to this video if you were the producer?
  3. This video has English subtitles because it is bilingual.  Read the subtitles carefully and stop the video so you can absorb the information.
  4. Post a 1-2 page double spaced reflection as a word doc after you are done watching and reflecting on the video. https://youtu.be/a7GrUo5Y11s (Links to an external site.)