1) You’ll complete a post that focuses on one or more of the topics covered in weeks 3a & 3b (VERY IMPORTANT). Each post must be a minimum of 300 words in length (including the post title) with no maximum limitation. Your posts can be serious, lighthearted, tell stories or experiences, give advice, offer critiques of marketing practices you encounter, make comparisons across companies or techniques, describe innovative marketing practices, predict the future of marketing, etc. The key is that they must be (1) informative and (2) pertain in some way to the week’s material for this course. Other than that, you have free reign.

At the end of the post* write the sources used. This last part does not count toward the 300-word minimum.


7-1 The four heritages of today’s legal systems

7-2 The important factors in the jurisdiction of legal disputes

7-3 The various methods of dispute resolution

7-4 The unique problems of protecting intellectual property rights internationally

7-5 How to protect against piracy and counterfeiting

2) Same instructions but different topics.

8-1 The importance of problem definition in international research

8-2 The problems of availability and use of secondary data

8-3 Sources of secondary data

8-4 Quantitative and qualitative research methods

8-5 Multicultural sampling and its problems in less-developed countries

8-6 Using international marketing research