Write 300 words on discussion and respond to two articles with 200 words each

1)Write 300 words for discussion with 3 peer reviewed references

How might a leader use coaching to help increase ethical behavior among group members?

2) Respond to two articles with 200 words each

Article 1

“Ethical leaders instill ethics in their followers because they believe in and respect ethics, values, rights, morals, and dignity of other people.” (Kuligowski, K., 2020) Leaders try and instill behaviors in their followers that they believe in, so their followers can follow in their footsteps. Ethical leaders are very keen on morals and ethics and values, that they cannot even consider letting go of the smallest of wrongdoings which might even be beneficial to their organization. Displaying integrity is one of the most important things that ethical leaders focus on, given the fact that they expect the same from their followers. An ethical leader focusses on imparting a positive culture to improve the morale of followers and inspire them to work effectively and efficiently, protecting the image of the organization in front of the whole world, being loyal to both customers and the organization, ensuring that the workplace stress doesn’t affect anyone and is minimal thereby helping employees with their emotional well-being. An ethical leader works on all this by aligning their values and morals, and hiring people who believe in the same values, ensure they have an open and honest communication with their followers so they clearly communicate their thoughts, ensure that they do not have personal favorites and have a biased opinion on others, and set an example by being a moral employee. For all the above-mentioned qualities that an ethical leader portrays, and the way an ethical leader instills morals in his or her followers is by coaching them, so they understand the importance of the morals and values, and act according to the values and ethics they are taught. Giving the followers lessons on morals, and setting an example for them are essential to ensure the followers follow ethics as well.


Kuligowski, K. (2020, Oct 13). How to Be an Ethical Leader: 7 Tips for Success. Retrieved from https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/5537-how-to-be-ethical-leader.html

Article 2

Ethical behavior can be defined as a trait which can influence peoples doing inside and outside an organization. Ethics and behavior are common set of traits that individuals need to be trained based on the field of work and also provide them with citations of doing wrong. Leaders in an organization should make sure that all their employees go through settings set off practices and coaching to maintain their character and create a good environment to work within the organization this not only make sure that employees are coached and well trained in ethical behavior but also enters the future of the company.

For example, leader should encourage employees to participate in these programs without fail. Employees might face with different situations in the process of working crowd in the organization leaders making them go through this coaching or training process might change their mind and how they think and how they should react if they see any of these kind of issues in future (Liu, Greenbaum, R. L., Allen, D & Zhang, Z). Group members might come from different cultural backgrounds and cultural thoughts so leaders must ensure that group members follow training regularly unethical behavior and keeping tabs on how they are reacting to situations in different scenarios. Bing sister it depends upon the group member or employee in an organization and to react on ethical issues or to follow ethical Behavior.

Leader should encourage a good working environment in which employees or group members should feel comfortable and reporting any unethical issues by their fellow team members or group members in this way the leader of that group or organization might achieve ethical behavior goals which are supposed to be met. Recent example of leaders mishandling ethical behavior is a banking organization call Wells Fargo and creating their employees to open accounts and make people deposit money in them. Leadership shouldn’t have encouraged their employees or bank tellers to do this kind of act this act not only one blemish on the organization, but also bad name go on the employees where are involved in this process and it will remain as a remark on their profile.



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