Summarise the key and the most important findings from your discussion section. Separate this in paragraphs by each objective.

Theoretical Implications – What are the implications for academic research

Managerial Implications – How can you use your findings to inform managers in the industry? What implications can you identify from your findings to inform managers?

Limitations – Here you should consider the overall limitations to your dissertation

Future Research – How can your dissertation be further extended to another research study?



Contextual industry background – Here you should provide background information on the industry in which your research is being conducted.

The theoretical basis for your topic – Discuss key themes and papers relevant to your literature

Key gaps in the literature that you will be addressing – mention the key gaps in the literature and quickly summarise how you intend to address them with relevant frameworks from the literature.

Highlight the overall aim and objectives of your dissertation

Outline a structure for your dissertation (i.e. Chapter Summaries)

Note that the Introduction section should be written only once you have completed all the remaining chapters of the dissertation.