Instruction: please use APA style and in test citation


Your text gives an overview of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and the different models that may be utilized to promote EBP.  Let’s open our discussion by tapping into some personal experience (I am working as RN now)

Think about a time when you thought about evidence-based practice in the course of being a nurse.  Maybe it was a medication dosage you weren’t sure about, an intervention you thought may not be appropriate, or something you simply needed to know more about before committing to an action. Then, answer the following questions in your initial post:

1. Was EBP utilized by all members of the team?

2. If so, how was this information disseminated? If not, why (in your opinion) not?

3. What barriers to EBP do you see in your practice? How do you think they might be removed?

Please make your response thorough and well-planned. I suggest typing in a Word document from which you can cut and paste into Canvas (which is also a great way to save your work for future reference). After posting your initial response to the prompt, please post a thoughtful commentary on at least one classmate’s post.


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