Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 5, Trading Internationally, in the required textbook and review the website Slack (Links to an external site.). Use Slack (Links to an external site.) to communicate with your foreign student research partner(s) and explore the trade environment of the foreign marketplace for the final paper. Incorporate the following elements into your research and ask your research partner to comment and provide feedback on your research:

  • Current trade environment with the United States.
  • Current trade barriers (non-tariff and tariff).
  • Review the target country through Porter’s diamond model.
  • Review ethical dilemmas of exporting to the foreign target market (see Chapter 5 Emerging Markets, section 5.1 Expanding UK Exports in Russia).
  • Evaluate the foreign direct investment (FDI) environment and potential for ownership, location, and internationalization (OLI) advantages.