This is a discussion form that is mandatory part of this course.  The idea is to create collaboration amongst your cohort and stimulate intellectual conversations.  The instructions are as follows.

1. You are to make four (3) post each week. (Initial post then two responses to your classmates.)

2. Your initial post (first post) is due Wednesday of each week.

3. Your initial post MUST be at least 250 words and contain at least two scholarly references

4. You must respond at least two (2) times to your colleagues post.  Your follow-up (Second, Third Post) must be at least (150 words and contain at least two scholarly references that are different from your initial (250 word) post.

5.  All of your post CANNOT all be on the same day.  Thus, you must post on at least two seperate day in a week.


Discussion Question:

· What is leadership?

· Are leaders born or made?

· Does a leader need power?

· What’s the “best” leadership style?




What do you expect to learn in this course?



In a paragraph, write about what you expect to learn over the next five weeks in this this course?