In this discussion, you will propose three topics for your an assignment for this course.

In your first post, propose three health disparity topics that resonate for you and would consider as topics of your assignment. To be a good topic, each proposed topic should be

Topics to be used: Vaccination, alcohol use, economic stability

  • Narrow enough to have a single or modest number of causes.
  • Broad enough to be significant to the population being affected.
  • Important to you.


For each of the three topics that satisfy the above criteria, write one paragraph that includes answers to the following questions:

  • Which populations are most affected?
  • What you think are the most significant underlying causes of this disparity (e.g., health behaviors, social determinants, etc.) and how you think disparity can be ameliorated?
  • Which level of prevention (i.e., primary, secondary, or tertiary) is most appropriate and why?
  • How can theory be used to better understand and address the health disparity?
  • Why does this subject interest you, and why do you want to find answers?