Answer all of the following questions and do not cut and paste from your company SEC report.

  1. What is the Description and Dollar Value of the first line on the Income Statement (it may be net sales)?
  2. Locate the Balance Sheet (it may have a different heading, such as the Statement of Financial Position).
  3. What are the names of the assets and their values (if more than five line items, report only the first five line items and dollar values)?
  4. Statement of Owner’s Equity: Post the line items and dollar values in the “Equity” section of the balance sheet. You will likely find line items including Common Stock, Retained Earnings (or Deficit), and Treasury Stock.
  5. What is the Net Income (or Net Loss) for your SEC 10-K company?

Discussion Requirements

  1. The comments/responses should include at least four sentences (if you create a separate answer for each of the items in the list you will meet this requirement).
  2. Locate the Income Statement (may have a different heading such as Statement of Consolidated Operations). Hint: First line should relate to Revenue.
  3. Take care with the concept of $ dollars. Many financial statements are expressed in millions of $. You would report $895 million for the value $895,000,000. Be a very careful reader.
  4. Include the name of your SEC 10-K company in the subject line and the link to your SEC 10-K financial statement when posting.