Discussion 6. Dissertation Review.

The requirements for a dissertation may be different among universities, yet there are many similarities to what should be included. Many dissertations are four to five chapters in length, each chapter addressing a specific topic.

Your task for discussion 6 is to locate a completed dissertation that interests you and conduct a review. Your dissertation review should contain the following:

1. Include the dissertation source (APA Style). Just like we did for the annotated bibliography. Place at the beginning of your work.

2. Introduction (brief overview of the study).

3. Explain the methodology of the study:

a. Quantitative/Qualitative.

b. Instruments used.

c. Sample size (population, etc.)

d. etc.

4. Explain the findings.

5. Conclusion (explain the contribution to research).

6. Should only be 2-3 pages in length.

7. Post directly to the discussion.

8. Include references.

9. If you can post the dissertation so others can download the dissertation and review the work.

It is great practice to review other dissertations as you go through your doctoral journey. Reviewing these dissertations will provide insights into writing, synthesizing information, understanding methodology, critically presenting ideas, etc.