For this discussion board assignment, you will be tasked with reading the challenge below and answer EACH challenge question listed.  Provide your response in 150-200 words and respond to one of your peers’ discussion board posts in order to complete this assignment.  Remember:  treat this as a business work product and ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors and that you have answered EVERY question.


In this module we discussed the importance of the structure of an organization.  If an organization is structured correctly, overall employee satisfaction and increased productivity are experienced.  If the structure is not aligned to organizational goals, the organization can experienced decreased efficiencies and high employee turnover.  Based on the various organizational frameworks and design structures we discussed in this chapter, please answer the following 2 challenge questions:

1.  Which organizational structure would YOU be most motivated to work in and why?

2.  Several employers today are faced with transitioning employees from remote/virtual work environments to in office environments.  What challenges do you foresee in this transition and what would you recommend as a solution for these challenges?