Discussion ANT

Question 1. Briefly describe French and Raven’s five sources (or bases) of power. (a) Define each type of power. Expert, Referent, Legitimate, Reward, and Coercive. (b) Give examples of each type of power.

Question 2. From your experience, what types of “Influence Tactics” have you used (see your textbook pp. 122-123)

Please Note: Influence tactics are different from five power types!

(a) Name three influence tactics you used and describe how you used those influence tactics. Was it successful? Or not successful?

(b) If it was successful, please say why it was successful. If it was not successful, please describe why it was not successful.

Format instruction: No cover page. Do not type in questions – the plagiarism checker will detect them with a red flag. Only include question numbers before your answer.