Discussion Board

The Assignment

For this discussion board you will explore the many purposes, methods and uses of observation and assessment. Your DB has several components.

*Watch the video titled “Observing Young Children” and “Classroom Observation Techniques.”  Listen to the administrators and teachers as they discuss the importance of observation as an assessment tool.

^After watching the 2 video discuss your findings, in a summary paragraph, with your classmates by addressing the following questions: (minimum of 5 sentences)

  • Why is it important for teachers to understand the importance of observation in relationship to assessments?
  • How should a teacher use observations?
  • What are types of observation assessments?

*During the video “Observing Young Children”, 3 specific scenarios are discussed about Joey, Marissa and Salvatore.  In addition to the summary paragraph, choose one of the children to discuss.  For this part of your discussion the following 3 areas must be addressed:

  • What was the issue/concern with the child? (include which child you chose)
  • How did the teacher use observation as an assessment tool and what was she looking for?
  • How did using observation improve the child’s skills? what were the results?

Video One: Observing Young Children

Video Two: Observation Techniques