Discussion: Impact Of Military Life

Discussion: Impact of Military Life

How do you prepare a child for deployments, for relocations, or for adjustments to military life, in general? How do you support a child whose father or mother has been injured in combat and whose life has changed dramatically since the parent deployed? Statistically, military children are resilient, amenable, and flexible (Blaisure, Saathoff-Wells, Pereira, Wadsworth, & Dombro, 2012). They withstand a great deal of change and uncertainty. These children may ask: Will my parent return from combat? Why does my parent have to miss my graduation? Why do I have to attend another school?

Parents performing military duty may miss many events that children typically expect parents to attend. Military life can have dramatic positive and negative effects on children. Helping children understand the role of their loved one in the military and providing support is crucial to help children adjust effectively.

If you are interested in working with military personnel and their families, you need to understand the most effective strategies for supporting military children in dealing with some of the most difficult aspects of military life.

For this Discussion, consider strategies you would recommend to parents or family members of military children or adolescents in one of the following areas:

  • Suggestions for supporting military children/adolescents whose parents deploy
  • Suggestions for supporting children/adolescents with dual parents deploying
  • Suggestions for supporting children/adolescents with PCS/relocating
  • Suggestions for supporting children/adolescents whose parents were injured in combat

Post your suggestions for supporting children/adolescents. Explain the impact of military life on children.