Discussion : Negotiating The Job Offer

Please answer in 300 words minimum the following.

More and more, companies are asking “what are your salary expectations” as an interview question. (If they don’t ask, avoid bringing it up!) Be prepared for this question: Determine if your expectation will be higher than your current salary and explore glassdoor.com or similar websites to determine the salary range  for the job you are applying for. It’s important that you display confidence in your response— it sets the stage for future negotiation and gives you an opportunity to see the company’s reaction to your researched expectation. In your initial discussion post,

  • State your response when asked “What are your salary expectations?”
  • Imagine that a job offer comes back with a lower salary than you expect and believe you deserve. What will you say?

Here’s an important tip for success in this negotiation: Don’t just say $### per year. Articulate your expectation AND share why your experience, skills, and accomplishments make that an appropriate expectation.  (For example: I’d like to earn $75,000 annually and I arrived at this number given my experience and success supervising a team of 15 employees to successful outcomes and managing a budget of $100,000 this department. I believe my past success shows that my skills are valued at this range.)