Discussion Post

Discuss and explain a current public health crisis, current Addiction, that is affecting millions of Your Fellow Americans.  WATCH a “nation under stress” that is on YOUTUBE and the information and knowledge is your data.

While watching the video, You will be taking Notes and Recording any identified examples of…

a) the Nature of the Problem Will be the Stress and Strain of American Society;(define and describe “it”, operationalize “it”,give an example, and/or the extent of the problem);

b) the Consequences of that Problem, both positive/negative (these are facts of How Much/Many);

c)the Correlates of the Problem (this answers the question of WHO is most likely to have “it”);

d) the “Root” Causes and Theories to Explain Problems (biological, psychological, or sociological);

e)the “Cures” or Proposed Solutions to those Problems.

2)Write 2 hypothesis for each of the below that shows the connections and/or relationships between…

a) the Cause Consequences. Example: the more divorce, the more likely to be addicted

b) the Cures/Solutions Causes. For example the more funding to families, the less strain/anomie.

3)You will use the Concept Map or Causal Diagram to report Your Findings. To meet expectations, You will need to provide a minimum of at least 5 “things” in

– Causes or explanations

– solutions

– positive and negative consequences

– correlates ??

4) Write a Clear, Concise, yet, Lucid Summary Reflection discussing How/Why these “stories” in the Video relate to the Economy, the Family, Addiction, and the Problems of American Public Health.