Discussion Post

Discussion 4

When it comes to Bodies  & Sexualities, the common denominator globally:

Keep people unhappy with how they look = get their money = maintain social control

Discuss Aleichia William’s statement, “I’m learning to embrace every aspect of my identity and not let small minds put me in a box that just doesn’t fit.”

Post#1: Discussion Post ( 3 Points) 

  1. In what institutionalized ways does our society force people into these boxes? (300 words)(1 point)
    • Have you ever experienced having to identify within a box that didn’t fit?
    • How did you handle it?
    • What can we do to shift our thinking to a less rigid and separate way of thinking about identity?

B. Think about what communities you are a part of.  (300 words)(1 point)

  • Are they supportive or oppressive?
  • In what ways?
  • How did you find them?

C. How are your interactions with other members of the community different from interactions with people outside the community?  (300 words)(1 point)