Discussion Post Wk6

1. Provide your personal definition of cultural competence.

2. Explain how this is similar or different to the Kirst-Ashman and Hull textbook describe cultural competence.

3. Explain the skills you think are necessary for developing cultural competence as a social worker when working with Eboni. *Be sure to Reference at least one peer-reviewed article that supports the skills you selected and include an APA citation and reference for that article

4. Describe 2 potential barriers to culturally competent practice a social worker might face when working with Eboni.

5. Recommend 2 skills your colleague might use to address this barrier.

Eboni is a 16 year old girl that just found out she is pregnant and she is confused one parent says abortion the other parent says keep it and someone tells her about adoption. Her goals are to go to college and be successful she unsure what to do her mom told her she would kick her out if she choice to have the baby