Discussion Topic- Marketing Foundation

I would like to discuss something in Healthcare since that is the field I am in. My major is Healthcare Administration Management.

Number 1).

Over the next weeks the course project is creating a marketing plan. It is important to understand what is a marketing plan, who is it intended for and what should be in a marketing plan. Let’s discuss this in this discussion.

Read the article:

The value of a marketing plan

**Comment to what are your key takeaways of your marketing plan. You can also speak to the business you will use for your marketing plan.

Remember all discussions have a 250 plus word minimum requirement per post.



Then create a MS word document: of a Marketing Project Proposal please include the following:


Marketing Project Proposal


Name of product:

Why have you chosen this product? What interests you?

Where do you intend to find and research information about this product?

Here are is a link that the professor gave us to use as how to marketing plan:https://get2growth.com/marketing-plan-definition/#:~:text=%20Value%20of%20a%20Marketing%20Plan%20%201,many%20years%2C%20there%20is%20no%20one…%20More%20