Discussion – Week 1 COLLAPSE Current Personnel Psychology Trends And Social Responsibility In Human Resource Management


There have been many recent developments and emerging trends in personnel psychology in the past few years. Organizations conduct business virtually and rely on leveraging telecommunications and the Internet to secure employees in geographically dispersed places. One example of how technology has influenced personnel psychology trends is tied to the advent of Internet-based technology, including the online conduct of human resource functions such as recruitment, background checks, testing, and training. Consider how you would use the Internet for recruitment and submission of job applications or social networking in personnel screening and selection. How much should these types of technology be used in human resource management, and how much weight should they be given in employment decisions? Although technology is one emerging trend in personnel psychology, there are many trends, including some controversial theories.

Regarding social responsibility in human resource management, organizations today strive for corporate socially responsibility (CSR). The leaders of such organizations want to exhibit behaviors that not only achieve organizational objectives but also benefit society. Employees take pride in working for socially responsible organizations. In a 2012 survey, half of those surveyed responded that they would be willing to take a pay cut if the organization made a social or environmental impact. Organizations now realize that they must focus on people, the planet, and profits to recruit and retain employees (Jeanne Meister, June 7, 2012).

For this Discussion, identify one current personnel psychology trend described in the Learning Resources and current literature. Then, consider its relevance within professional practice. Additionally, consider the social influences of personnel selection. Then, think about the recommendations you might give a client organization to promote corporate social responsibility within its human resources department.

Post by Day 4 descriptions of the current personnel psychology trend you identified and why it is important to personnel psychology practice. Then, explain why the identified trend is important to consider in your professional practice. Additionally, explain the social impact of effective personnel selection. Then, provide one strategy that you might suggest to clients to promote socially responsible personnel policies and practices. Provide concrete examples and citations from the Learning Resources and current literature to support your post.