Research Paper 2 pages

1. Do it on INFLATION

2. Conduct research on your topic using at least three sources.

3. Write a Research Paper with a Body length of 2 PAGES APA style.

4. Double-space your Research Paper.

5. Include a Title Page, an Abstract with Key Words, a Body, and References.

6. In the Body of your Research Paper, begin with an Introductory Paragraph and end with a Concluding Paragraph.


7. Your paper will be checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign.


Discsussions Needed 300 words each

1. Why is understanding consumer behavior so important for companies? Think of examples where you do not think companies understood their consumers.

2. Is the electronic delivery of products always better? To what extent does it depend on the customer?


Do these two questions 3 different ways because this is for me and my two classmates so answer the same two questions for 3 different people



New Discussions Needed 300 words each

1. Explain the difference between White Collar and Blue Collar crime.  Provide real-life examples of both, citing any outside sources you use in your post.

2. Explain what Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 seeks to protect and why it is important.

3. What was the original purpose of antitrust legislation?  Why is it important to the U.S. economy?  Please be sure to cite any outside sources you use in your response.


Discussions Needed 200 words – Please DO NOT use same answers as previously done for me

1. As a response to structural unemployment due to AI (artificial intelligence), Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposes “the Freedom Dividend,” a universal income of $1000/month per citizen. What do you think of this proposal?

Consider any of the following in your answer:  Unemployment, aggregate demand, economic growth, structural unemployment, labor force participation rate, opportunity cost, the federal deficit, business start-ups, and/or unintended consequences.


Chapter 25 (section 25-2) in your textbook discusses productivity and the challenges faced by governments as they seek to raise living standards.  Obviously, there are areas of disagreement and areas of potential improvement.  If you were polled, what policy would you suggest to improve U.S. living standards?

In your post, make sure to consider opportunity cost and any potential unintended consequences.  You may also want to analyze the effect on future growth as you post and reply.



Chapter 27 introduces the financial system and the importance of assessing time and risk in making financial decisions.  In this Discussion Board, summarize your own financial plan balancing present and future needs, especially future retirement needs.

In your post, you may want to apply:  the Rule of 70, present value, insurance, diversification, and risk.  How will you stay motivated to meet future goals (home ownership, business start-ups, family goals, and/or retirement with the human tendency to prefer “now” over “later?”


About the great recession of 2008-2009

As hindsight is 20/20, what active stabilization policies (if any) should have been enacted to respond to the financial crisis?