Part 1: Post a Response

Your supervisor announced that you and a colleague, Bruce, will have  an opportunity to meet with the company’s CEO in two hours and deliver a  presentation on your team’s current project. Due to the short notice,  Bruce believes your presentation should be an impromptu speech  (delivered without notes or plan); however, you disagree with him. Under  these circumstances, which type of speech do you believe you and Bruce  should deliver? Choose one of the options below and share the  justification you would use to persuade Bruce.

  • Extemporaneous speech (carefully prepared and rehearsed).
  • Scripted speech (written out word for word and read to audience).

respond to classmate below

Good afternoon Professor and class, I hope all is well. I would do the  Extemporaneous speech because the speech should be carefully prepared  and rehearsed before presentation. A scripted speech would be a boring  speech, and put everybody to sleep. A church is where everybody should  stay woke, but if they read the bible word for word the congregation is  going to sleep or see a lot of yawning. Even though you only have 2  hours the supervisor trusted you with the job. You don’t let anyone  present an important speech to the CEO’s if you are not trusted. The  impromptu speech would have been ok, but if either one gets off subject  the speech could be a disaster. I would tell Bruce we have two hours,  and we are wasting time arguing about it.