Diversity in the workplace

Each case developed by the Case Writing Pair should be 4 -6 double-spaced pages and include:
1)A formal introduction including the basic details of the case, the relevant organization, and the role that the author played in the situation. It is appropriate to write in either the first person or third person at this stage in the project. In the introduction, be sure to include mention of the topics to be covered in the rest of the project paper (scope).
2) Objective 1-Case: Provide full description of the case/incident with sufficient detail so that another reader will fully understand what took place and what is at issue from an OBHR perspective. Be sure to separate your case description from your theoretical analysis.
3) Objective 2 -Analysis: Using both internal courses and other external sources as a foundation, provide a summary of what the writers considered to be the “wrongs” and “rights” with regard to OBHR theories and practices. Depending on the individual case, this usual means that the author describes how the case does not correspond to the theory (“wrongs”) and then how the details of the case do correspond to the theory (“rights”). At this point in the project, members will want to focus on about three to five relevant OBHR topics.
4) Objective 3 – Summary and learning potential: A clear and general summary of what can be learned from the case that will be of value to others. This means you will need to step outside of the situation and think about how the lessons of the case could apply to those in similar situation.

In order to relate the topic to a specific organization, we will incorporate Waffle House, and Walmart Diversity. There needs to be a level of personal experience in the paper.

This paper is in APA format with in-text citations.
Subject #3 is What we are focused on.
I need references from “Organizational Behavior: A Skill-Building Approach 2nd Edition by Christopher P. Neck, Jeffery D. Houghton, and Emma L. Murray”