Diversity Issues In Criminal Justice – The Gay Community And Criminal Justice System

The Gay Community and the Criminal Justice System – Chapter 8

Required Textbook: McNamara, R. H., & Burns, R. (2009). Multiculturalism in the criminal justice system. NewYork, NY: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 978-0-07-337994-4)

Please read Chapter 8 and respond to the following Critical Thinking Questions. You will also respond to 2 of your peers:

As homosexual behavior continues to gain some level of acceptability in society, do you think the police subculture will become more tolerant of gay police officers? Why or why not? Do you think jurors are biased against homosexuals? What do you think about the homosexual advance theory- should offenders’ responsibility be reduced for the crime they committed if the victim made a sexual advance toward them? Why do you think many Americans are opposed to same-sex marriage? Is it simply based on religion, or are homosexuals perceived as a threat in some ways? Some people argue that if a person engages in homosexual behavior, then that person must be a homosexual. Do you agree? Why or why not?

When responding to a student’s post, be sure to use and address the following:

Terms and Definitions from the chapter


Crimes against society


Homosexual advance theory


Sexual Orientation

Situational Homosexuality

Voir Dire

Your responses should reach beyond a simple “I agree with what you are saying.” Please use the following to begin your post when responding to your peers:

“I learned from you that..”

“I appreciated how you explained….”