Domestic Abuse

Leslie Kerr Research Proposal

Research Proposal

You are required to submit a one-page research proposal by the date listed on your syllabus. The requirements for this assignment are described in detail below.

Formatting requirements for research proposal:

1. One-page maximum length

2. Typed, 12 pt. Times New Roman font

3. Double-spaced, 1-inch margins around page

4. “Research Proposal” in the header of the page, aligned right. Place you name in the header of the page, aligned left.

5. Reference page on second page of same document

Research Proposal Requirements:

1. In the first paragraph, begin by stating your general research topic. Justify why this topic is important in the field of criminal justice by presenting evidence that you have uncovered during your preliminary research (e.g., if your general topic is the FBI, you might want to describe the role of the agency, its annual budget, etc.). There must be a statistic in this paragraph. In your initial paragraph, you should demonstrate a working knowledge of your topic. Also, be sure to cite the sources of any information that you include in this section.

2. Begin your second paragraph by clearly stating the focused research question (thesis statement) that you will attempt to answer in your research paper. Briefly explain how you will elaborate on this question through the articles that you choose to review. Justify your choice by describing what you found during your initial venture into the research literature (e.g., what keywords did you search for and how/why did your search results lead you to choose your specific research question). Again, be sure to cite the sources of any information that you include in this section.

For this assignment, you will be evaluated on the quality of your writing, as well as your ability to convey a working knowledge of the topic and research question you propose to study. In this research proposal, you will showcase the results of your preliminary research efforts and discuss how these results led to the eventual choice of your research topic and research question. Submit assignment through Canvas under Assignments on left side.