Drug Study


In this module, you will compare and contrast interviewing and interrogation and do an in-depth analysis of drugs and how they relate to crime scenes.  You will also learn about electronic crime scenes and how they differ from a traditional crime scene.



There are two options for completing this assignment (choose one) either: 1) create a PowerPoint or, 2) a written paper on the topic.

Your paper or presentation will focus on a type of drug commonly seen at crime scenes. Make sure and include:


  1. A summary of the drug.
  2. The effects of the drug on the user.
  3. How to confirm it is the drug in question.
  4. The methods of collection.
  5. You can use either MSWord or PowerPoint to complete this assignment.
  6. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font and double-space, if you choose the written paper option.
  7. Use proper APA formatting for citing your source(s).