E-Business Research

Final Essay Examination 

The paper should be typed and doubled spaced with a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 3,000 words. Be sure to include the cover, table of contents, an introduction, a summary, and several references on a separate page called References. I expect research papers to be well researched and include several references and in-body citations.

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This is not a team project. All students will do their own research, writing, editing, and submission. The submission is due by Tuesday of week nine. Please plan to submit earlier than that if you can.

Please use the MLA format for your citations and credible sources for your research.

Wikipedia and About.Com are not credible research resources and should not be used. Points will be deducted if these sources are used.

Steps to Writing the Final Essay

1. During the course, we have studied management principles, theories, and current practices that successful managers have used to be successful. Your assignment is to select any theory presented during the course and write an essay defining, describing, and explaining that theory. It is very important that students can relate theory to the real world. This is your opportunity to share how your selected theory applies to the real world/fashion industry.

2. Now is the time to select your proposed topic. Feel free to email me your proposed theory and any questions you might have.

3. Develop an outline of potential topics. Feel free to email me your proposed outline and any questions you might have.

4. Consider contacting the FIDM library for assistance in researching your topic.

5. When you feel you have more than enough references, begin your first rough draft. Then wait a couple of days and proofread and edit the essay.

6. The final essay examination essay should be between 1500-3000 words.

7. The submission should include a cover page, a table of contents, an introduction (just an overview of what is going to be presented), and a summary (just a few sentences addressing the top 2, 3, or 4 key points presented in the essay.

8. Must be a Microsoft Word document. No PDF or doc files. Just WORD documents

9. The file essay examination is due by Tuesday of week nine.


Please do not wait to start your research for your paper. Begin today! Please do review the requirements and ask any questions you might have. Please do not wait. Remember, you need to submit at least one potential topic by the end of Module One. 

Late submission will be deducted 10% per day the submission is late. Please plan now to submit on time and offer several references. Students who offer 12 or more references tend to earn higher grades.