EAP support with Belén for the PG Researching Music Module

Course Aims

This course aims to help PG Music students doing the Researching Music module develop their assignment writing skills with emphasis on planning, organising and writing a range of academic texts.


This term the focus will be on Annotated Bibliographies.

Learning Objectives


  • To structure and write your annotated bibliography effectively
  • To evaluate and use sources and research in your writing
  • To produce texts which are coherent, cohesive and with a clear argument



The course will include the following:


  • Critical reading and thinking skills
  • Reading strategies and how to evaluate sources
  • Presenting and supporting an opinion
  • Discourse markers and cohesion; academic voice (showing your stance)
  • In-text citation & preparation of bibliographies
  • YOUR own writing


Attendance and Assessment


Classes are held online each Tuesday 3-5pm  OR Wednesday 3-5 pm  OR Thursday 4-6 and your tutor is Belén mb.dedomingo@kingston.ac.uk


 You must email me at least ONE paragraph of your writing or one Annotated Bibliography entry during the course. (You are welcome to send me more).


You can choose when:


By Friday 16 October to do in session 4 (w5)  

5 short annotations ready to submit to Oded by 2 November 2020


By Friday 6 November to do in session 6 (w8) 

2 Detailed annotations ready to submit to Oded by 16 November 2020


By Friday 20 November to do in sessions 8 and 9 (w10 and 11) 

Summary and Conclusion due to submit to Oded by 4 January 2021





Gain 10 points for your ‘Kingston Award’ if you attend 80% of the course..



                                                 The HEAR is made available at the time of graduation, at which point its main purpose is to capture the totality of a student’s performance and to enable a student to represent a wide range of their achievements to employers and postgraduate tutors, thereby enhancing their employability.



PG RESEARCHING MUSIC Indicative content



  • (w2) Course Guide: overview of our sessions.


  1. Annotated bibliographies (AB): your assignment. Check you understand what is required and how to go about it.


  1. What is Critical thinking?  


  • (w3) How can I find good sources?


  1. Core reading text (Part 1): Cook Musical form and the listener.
    • The opening paragraph of chapter 1.
    • Identify the Topic sentence, the sources, the different arguments, supporting the arguments with evidence, transition sentences, showing stance, and paragraph structure.


Use this to improve your own writing.


  • (w4) Harvard referencing: write your list of references (bibliography). Make sure your four sources are ready to upload before 19 October 2020.  


  1. Analyse successful past student AB annotations


  • (w5) Learn about the CRAAP test and ABCD; apply them to your reading sources.
    1. Some suggested content and language for your annotations.
    2. Your writing*. Each student has emailed me at least one paragraph or one AB.



Week 6          Enrichment Activity Week [EAW] – NO CLASS. Tutorials available.



  • (w7) Showing your stance and criticality with reporting verbs. Make sure your in-text citations are presented accurately.


Core reading text (Part 2): Cook Musical form and the listener.


  • (w8)             The evaluation / conclusion section of the AB. The language of evaluation.

Analysis of a past student evaluation section.

Your writing*. Each student has emailed me at least one paragraph or one AB.


  • (w9) Discourse markers and cohesion. Make your writing both clear and sophisticated.

Show criticality.  


  • (w10) Core reading text (Part 3): Cook Musical form and the listener.

Your writing*. Each student has emailed me at least one paragraph or one AB.


  • (w11)           Your writing*. Each student has emailed me at least one paragraph or one AB.


* This will be anonymous. I will not reveal who wrote each paragraph.

All materials will be available in the Researching Music Module on CANVAS