Eating Disorder.

(Header is optional and the page number goes in the upper right-hand corner.)

Center This Title Line and Make Sure Your Paper is 12pt, Times New Roman

Center this line with author’s names: Miller, J.K; Torres, A.M, & Torres, G.A.

A Critical Analysis


In Partial Fulfillment of Psyc101/Elwell

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Kansas City, KS


–2 pts

Purpose: Students will research a psychological disorder, approved by the instructor, and then write a 5-6 page research paper. It must be written using APA style

You will choose a current research topic in an area of mental illness that interests you and approved by the instructor

You will access: Journals, websites, kckcc library research database).

Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for a research paper. Mental illness support group websites are not credible sources for an academic research paper (For example, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Autism Society, etc.).

The paper should be written in third person—not I, me, my, you, etc.

Special Source Requirements: Students are required to use a minimum of 4 sources for the paper. Students must use “academic” and credible sources such as professional journals, or books.

Use quotes sparingly. Direct quotes must be denoted by either “”. Use a block quote when using a quote that is 40 words or more. You must also cite the source when you paraphrase.

Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for a research paper. Mental illness support group websites are not credible sources for an academic research paper. For example, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Autism Society, National Autism Association, etc.

Heading: Abstract

The abstract should be on its own page and contains 90 -150 words, written in italics . This is page 2. An abstract is a synopsis/summary of your research article. Do not cut and paste or plagiarize the article in the abstract. Recheck your header and page number location, and correct them if needed. It is typically 1 paragraph.

Focus on four items:

a) What is/are the central questions(s)/issue(s) that this research article is studying/investigating?

Ex: The author examined whether or not healthier school lunches among grades 1-6 would result in improved grades and test performance.

–2 pts, one sentence of less than 15 words.

b) What research method(s) was/were used to collect the data?

Ex: Researchers examined 10 schools, controlling for demographics (Grades 1-6, gender, and SES to empirically evaluate the value of serving healthier school lunches to grades 1-6 as reflected in grades and test performance.

–2 pts.

c) What are 4 or 5 major findings of this particular study?

Ex: 1)Healthier lunches improved school performance as measured through grades and test performance.

–10 pts

d) What kind of research would you like to see future studies take in regards to the central question(s)/hypothesis investigated in this article?

Ex: In the future, it would be useful to examine the effect of healthier lunches across a wider array of demographics/variables, such as high school seniors or upper SES school children.

–5 pts; one sentence of less than 15 words

At the bottom of the abstract page, type not more than 5 key words. …1pt

Questions to be answered in the research article review:

Start your actual paper on a new page.

3. Introduction:

What is the study investigating?

This part introduces the problem under investigation.

Ex: This study examined the effect or correlation of healthy school lunches on grades and test performance.


Cite and discuss past and/or related research of 4 studies. This part of your review will help you better understand the background of the research and the current question under investigation. You will need to review and cite your study that you are presenting, plus 4 other studies and present their study and findings.

Ex: Johnson and Reeves (2009) found that only the type of school lunch impacted grades and test performance. Likewise, Carrier and Martin (2012) found that the type of school lunch impacted grades and test performance, though they also monitored and controlled for consumption of the healthy school lunch that was provided to the students, unlike Johnson and Reeves (2009).

–20 pts

4. What is/are the hypothesis/hypotheses of this research study?

-Just one sentence unless there is more than one hypothesis.

Ex: The hypothesis of this study was ______.

-6 pts

Heading: Design & Methods

5. Briefly describe the research methods used to collect the data. You must identify the following:

a) What was the research design/methodology?

-Ex: The research design was correlational and examined the relationship between ___ & ___.

–5 pts

b) Briefly dicuss the major strength and weakness of this type of research design against the backdrop of this particular study?

–10 pts

c) Who were the participants?

Ex: The participants were 150 boys and 161 girls, in grades 6-8, in urban schools, across 3 schools.

–10 pts

d) What did the participants have to do in this study?

Ex: The students had to eat the school-provided, healthy lunch. No other interventions to affect grades were put in place during this study.

–10 pts

e)To what other populations can this study generalize? To what other populations can we apply what was learned in this study?

Ex: The benefits of this study apply to all school children. For example, this program could be implemented from preschools to high schools, inclusive of all SES classifications.

–10 pts

Heading: Results

6. In general, what were the results of the study? Be specific.

–10 pts

Heading: Researchers’ Conclusion(s)

7. What is/are the major conclusions that the researchers presented?


Heading: Discussion

8. a) In your opinion, what are the strengths of this study? –10 pts

b)In your opinion, what are limitations/weaknesses of this study? –10 pts

c)What could the researchers have done differently to avoid these limitations? – 5 pts

d)What studies do you think could be done as follow-ups to this study to address the limitations? –3 pts

–In this section, you must suggest research designs that would control for the limitations that you stated earlier.

Heading: Paper Conclusion

9. YOUR conclusion

a) What do you think about this research? Is it valuable or informative? If yes, why? If not, why? Be sure to apply some of the principles from your text. –5 pts

b)How did the research article enhance your understanding of some of the developmental concepts in your text? Be specific. –8 pts

Throughout: 31 pts

-Use proper writing style and documentation (APA). 6 pts

-Also, Times New Roman font style and 12 pt font size. 4 pts

-Use the headings as previously illustrated. 5pt

-Write succinctly. 10 pts

-Use correct spelling and grammar. 6 pts

Additional: 125 pts

-Include your notes on this handout and turn it in. 10pts

-Remember to include your reference page, correctly formatted. 15 pts

-Turn in your research article, along with your paper. 10 pts

-Write professionally. Don’t write like you’re having an informal conversation.10pts

-Turn in rough draft #1 on time with card from Writing Center – 40 pts

-Turn in rough draft #2 on time with card from Writing Center – 40 pts

Total pts – 140

Author/study Hypothesis/Premise Participants Method Results conclusion

Use this table to help you keep track of and compare each study. It will greatly improve the content of your paper.

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