To begin with, how about we start by clarifying ideas? The Industry alludes to a sort of

business inside an economy while a firm is a business foundation/establishment inside an industry.

There can be numerous firms inside an industry. We can also see a firm as a sort of business where

the Industry is a sub-area of an economy. A firm is a revenue-driven business, generally framed as

an organization that offers proficient types of assistance. The hypothesis of the Firm sets that firms

exist to augment benefits.

The fundamental contrast between Firm and Industry is that the Firm is an organization

engaged with the exchange of merchandise, services, or both to clients for payment. The Industry

is a creation of products or services of a given field inside an economy.

For this project, I chose “Data Security” as the Industry that I will work on, and the Firm

is “ImmuniWeb” (Geneva, Switzerland) or CISCO


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