Economic And Business


This assignment for BUSI 601 asks you to think about three issues related to Business Environment, Ethics & Strategy

The research material for this paper is found in the text, power points on the sites and material you research yourself.

The paper requires an introduction and conclusion that ties together the following questions.

Please use a title page, a short introduction and individual headings for each question and for your conclusions. Also provide a separate page for references used to complete your paper.

The paper should be between approximately 1700 words in length.

1.In order to protect the dairy farmers, the Canadian government has assured the provinces it will pay compensation to cheese producers, and that it will set up a marketing campaign for local cheese. This is essentially a government subsidy to dairy farmers.

Explain why the Canadian Government should and should not play the role of guardian of business in this way

2. Briefly identify the nature of economic, competitive and technological forces of change in organizations.

3.) Consider an organization which you are familiar with either as an employee or a customer.

Provide us with the name of the organization and what is does.

Then tell us how would you implement sustainable practices across this organization?

Your response should cover the following departments; Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology and Operations.