Economic Restructuring Essay

Task: Written analysis of selected issues in economic restructuring through application and interpretation of theoretical knowledge. Possible topics include the economic restructuring from industrial capitalism to flexible capitalism, the spatial restructuring of a transnational corporation, or the industrial restructuring of a selected industry. Sample thesis statements and research questions available in
UTS Online.  
Length: 2000 words with a minimum of 8 references (+/- 10% variance in word length)  
Due: Week 7  
Criteria linkages: Criteria                                                                Weight (%)             SLOs CILOs
  Rigour of research question and argument            30                        a 2.1
  Accuracy and applicability of theoretical 40         b perspectives 3.1
  Clarity of written expression and             30         d communication 6.1

SLOs: subject learning objectives

CILOs: course intended learning outcomes