Write a short paper (4-5 pages, 11 font, double-spaced) that  summarizes the article, assesses its argument, and discusses its  implications. Your paper should be well-written and edited, and address  the article in an integrated, coherent manner. You are required to work  independently of other students or faculty but you are free to use your  text and class notes. You may use other references, but you do not need  to. I am most interested in how well you understand and  assess these articles—other sources are unlikely to help much in that  activity. Direct any questions you may have about the content of this  assignment to me.

The papers below develop DSGE type models to study a research  question. They address these questions for a variety of specific cases  and treat different issues from a variety of angles.

  1. Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Role of Interest Rates by Pablo Neumeyer and Fabrizio Perri