Part 3 is about tracking the stock price during the semester and recording the data on a spreadsheet, analyzing and presenting the data for each of your stocks in graphic form. Instructions are as follows:

Project Part 3.  Track your portfolio and companies throughout the term and on the Discussion Board, describing the stocks and their performance.  Use the requirements for the Discussion Boards defined above.  Also discussed would there be any changes you have made in your portfolio. 

Keep up with the performance of your portfolio and major news, both domestic and globally, concerning your stocks.  You will regularly discuss and review your portfolio on the Discussion Board (DB).  You will do this referring to domestic and global events including the performance of international financial markets that affect your stocks and your portfolio.  This requires that you check the DB regularly.  On the DB, explain why you have requested any trade.  This should be fun – and these are easy participation points!

An easy way to set up your portfolio is to track it in Yahoo finance or Google finance, but you can also record the prices in a spreadsheet yourself – this will help later.