Your assignment package is due on July 2nd, Friday at 11:59 pm. You need to make two appointments with VPC writing tutors to discuss your assignment with them. Students who fail to make appointments with VPC tutors will lose 25 percent of the entire graded assignment. Whenever you borrow an idea or a sentence from a source, that particular source has to be cited based on APA style citation. If I find citation errors, I will deduct marks from your assignment. Your assignment has to be completed in one word document only. I want to see the drafts on which your VPC writing tutors have made comments. Your final draft should appear at the very end of the assignment package.

A. Persuasive Situation: Sales and Promotional letter (8 marks):

As a product manager of Apple Store in Coquitlam Centre, you are writing a letter (NOT an email) to Julia Smith who is a great salesperson in Coquitlam Centre (2929 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 5R5). He has a boutique, and he sells different types of phones. Persuade him to accept your iPhone 12 Pro Max products (around 300 smartphones) into his store. Your letter should be a good promotional message so that Julia Smith can accept your products (400 words).

B. Recommendation Letter (7 marks):

Your current instructor Mr. Azmoodeh is applying for a teaching position at the University of British Columbia, UBC. As his student, your task is to send your recommendation letter to Mr. Pedant Strict at this address: UBC Department of English, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4. You can discuss why your instructor is a good fit for the available position as a faculty member of the English department at UBC. To know more about Kam Azmoodeh, please visit the link below: (350 words).

C. Presentation Writing (10 marks):

In 500 words, write your presentation in this particular document and upload it on your ampeducator. You should use this word document only!

Your presentation topic: It is your graduation ceremony at VPC, and you are chosen to do a 5-10 minutes presentation. Imagine that you are doing a presentation for a group of Chinese students who have just arrived in Canada. As an immigrant, you are going to share your story with them in a presentation format which we covered in chapter 11 . As a successful student, you are going to talk about your success story and tell them how you managed to be a successful student at Vancouver Premier College. (Imagine that you just graduated from VPC 10 minutes ago, and these new immigrant students have attended your graduation ceremony).

You need to follow very carefully the presentation format that we have discussed in class.