Chapter 4 (pp. 126-127) presents us with the country of España. The chapter explores facets of the country’s culture such as history, places, and music. In the section of Artes Plásticas, page 126, the chapter presents one of the most important Spanish artists, Antonio Gaudí y Cornet (1852-1926). For this discussion, you’re going to learn about Antonio Gaudí y Cornet.


Paso 1

  • First, read the section Artes Plásticas in your textbook, page 126. Then, watch the videos below to prepare for this discussion.  Following, do Paso 2.

Paso 2

  • (1) Write a summary in ENGLISH of the videos “Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona – Four Unearthly Buildings…” (three to four paragraphs). The second video is to give you more useful insights about Antonio Gaudí life and work.
  • (2) Nextafter watching the video about Antonio Gaudi, select one of Antonio Gaudi landmarks mentioned in the video that you find interesting: Park Güel, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, or La Sagrada Familia.
  • (3) Then, (this post must be in SPANISH) conduct a research on the internet to learn more about the building/historic site you selected, and answer the following questions.
    • ¿Quién es Antonio Gaudí y Cornet? (brief biography)
    • ¿Cómo es el estilo arquitectónico de Antonio Gaudi y Cornet en general?
    • ¿Cómo se llama el sitio histórico que escogiste (historic site you selected)?
    • ¿Cómo es el sitio histórico? (Describe in detail.)
    • ¿Qué piensas acerca del sitio histórico?
    • ¿Qué te gusta más del sitio histórico? (Explain in detail.)
    • ¿Te gusta el estilo de Antonio Gaudí en general?
Remember that for every post you are required to comment on two discussions from your classmates’ posts.
If no one has posted anything by the time you post your assignment, comeback at a later time to fulfill this requirement.


Viking Oceans: Antoni Gaudí – Barcelona’s Master Of Sacred Architecture


8 points (Written Detail Summary in English of Video)

7 points (Antonio Gaudí’s landmark you selected, and complete answers in Spanish)

5 points (your 2 short additional comments on your classmates’ posts)

20 points total