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According to the Encyclopedia  Britannica Neocolonialism

Neocolonialism, the control of less-developed countries by developed countries through indirect means. The term neocolonialism was first used after World War II (Links to an external site.) to refer to the continuing dependence of former colonies on foreign countries, but its meaning soon broadened to apply, more generally, to places where the power of developed countries was used to produce a colonial-like exploitation—for instance, in Latin America (Links to an external site.), where direct foreign rule had ended in the early 19th century. The term is now an unambiguously negative one that is widely used to refer to a form of global power in which transnational corporations (Links to an external site.) and global and multilateral institutions combine to perpetuate colonial (Links to an external site.) forms of exploitation of developing countries. Neocolonialism has been broadly understood as a further development of capitalism (Links to an external site.) that enables capitalist powers (both nations and corporations) to dominate subject nations through the operations of international capitalism rather than by means of direct rule.

Neocolonialism begins after colonialism or the post colonial process. Colonialism is when  a country or corporation directly impacts a country for their political, territorial, economical or other gain. Neocolonialism is the indirect  influence or control after having directly impacted a country  for its own best interest. For example The United States, China & Great Britain are  great examples of countries that have historically influenced less developed countries for their own gian via the practice  of neocolonialism by using their foreign policies and  trade deals for their own gain .  For example China has made it a point to build railways in Africa in order to improve their economic development by addressing Africa’s  need for mass transit. Thus, they now have access to Africa rich natural resources which China can exploit for their own gain.