1) Write a reason why we should or should not raise minimum wage to $15/hr after you watch this YouTube Video:

Rubric:  Give 3 reasons for minimum wage from the video and then agree or disagree with the reasons

2) Look at this external link to a Vox article:   About Affordable Housing

A.  Summarize 2 main points in the article you found interesting.

B.  Look at Chapter 4 of the text and evaluate just how effective rent control would be as a policy to address the Affordable Housing problem in California.


A.  Summarize Grover Norquist’s view of taxes by viewing this link for the YouTube:   Grover Norquist on YouTube

B.  Summarize Joseph Stiglitz view of taxation by reading this Linked Article:   Stiglitz on Taxes  ?

C.   What do you think:  Are you anti-tax or pro-tax and explain why?