Economics Essay

Answer two of the three questions. Answers should by about 700 words per question.

1. Li and Yang call the Great Leap Forward a failure of central planning. Riskin (Chapter 7) points out that Mao was criticized by Deng and others for trying to develop communist relations of production without having developed the forces of production. Discuss this. Use GLF policies and results to illustrate (Riskin, Chap. 6, Li and Yang, class notes).

2. Lardy (Chapter 2) writes that growth of China’s economy may not be sustainable due to imbalances in income and expenditure. What, according to Lardy and the class notes, are the major imbalances China faces? Kroeber (chapter 10) believes this problem is overstated. Why?

3. Using information from class notes, videos, assigned readings and your own research, discuss the general state of well-being in China today. Include such issues as income distribution, work conditions and the environment.