Using Data: Charts and Graphs This project is comprised of three parts.

In Part 1, you will be compiling data from a school of your choosing into charts. In Part 2, you will write a summary of the graph and in Part 3, you will write an essay on ways to build trust and share student data with parents.

Part 1

Use your (or a familiar) district’s data to compile a minimum of five different original charts/graphs showing relevant district or school data. District and school level data are usually available at state department of education websites. Example: 

You may also be able to obtain data from your local school district website as needed. Use at least one line graph, one bar graph, and one circle graph in your display.

Use a chart making program such as Excel or one with which you are familiar. Choose from data such as: ethnicity, SES, gender, academics of reading, math, science or other academic area, longitudinal data, cohort data, attendance, behavior, student engagement, teacher qualifications data, perceptual data (if available), or other district/school specific data of interest. Include a variety of data categories to describe your district or school using your graphs and charts.

Place a minimum of five graphs into a Word document using APA format to include a title page and reference page.

Part 2

Write summary statements explaining each of the five graphs/charts to describe the strengths and/or concerns shown and how that data, if appropriate, could be used to point to a need that could potentially be included in an improvement plan at either the district, school, or classroom level.

Part 3

Finally, write an essay, at least one page in length, on ways to build trust and share student data with parents and the community. Discuss the importance of analyzing both summative and formative data, and the difference between the two. Use at least one in-text citation/reference from the course textbook using APA format. Include one title page and reference page for the entire document. Add this essay after parts I, and II and submit as one assignment.